Project Year: 2009

Transit (Film with Visual FX)

A 20-minute science-fiction Television Pilot Episode. Taking place 70 years from now in an underground post-apocolyptic future, the story follows a rebel organization working to take down the facist military government

Team Members: Besan Al Saffar, Hisham Javed, Jonathan Birch, Mandy Boyd, Neil Grey, Samantha Bates, Trish Ta

Adeo (3D Animation)

A fast-paced 3D Computer Animated Short full of action and suspense that follows the story of a clever criminal who uses his martial arts prowess to fight guards and evade capture in his bold attempt to break out of a high security prison

Team Members: Basma Ashour, Omar Hesham, Shaila Kuchibhotla

TruHazard (3D Game)

A 3D Cartoon-styled Game built in Microsoft's XNA environment with the possibility of being able to run on the XBOX 360. The concept of the game is loosely based on real world technologies used in the environmental cleanup of contaminated land, with the goal of the game being for the player to rid the environment of all contamination.

Team Members: Billy Kim, Radion Melnyk, Jonathan Bennett

Worm's Turn (3D Animation)

A 3D Computer Animated Short Film inspired by the tradition of quality film-making of such studios as Pixar and Dreamworks Animation. The film explores concepts of courage and the fine balance between self-confidence and arrogance.

Team Members: Joe Tuen, Eric Painchaud, Nick Crampton, Kaitlyn Fox

A Midnight Rumble (3D Animation)

In a world where desire has no bounds. A baby goes on a dangerous mission to satisfy his mid-night hunger. This baby's unwavering determination to get one perfect chewy chocolate chip cookie results in a fierce competition against an unlikely nemesis. What stunts will the Baby have to pull to outwit, outmuscle, and outlast his sage opponent in the battle for the cookie?

Team Members: Dylan DePass, Warren Dunlop, Lea Garai, Matt Harrison, Ayan Ray, Victor Rucareanu

Glasshouse (3D First Person Shooter)

A First Person 3D Puzzle Game where the player navigates 20 physics based puzzles, trying to find their way out of an industrial maze. Glasshouse is cross platform, running on the PC and XBox360.

Team Members: Dave Fearon, Richard Monette, Ben Courtice, Dan Imbrogno, Paul Lemarquand

A Wonderful Lie (3D Computer Animated Short Film)

A young women alone in the wilderness struggles to survive not just daily life but the internal torment of her painful past when she comes across the answer to all her problems. Join us as we present our proof of concept animated trailer for A Wonderful Lie in Stereoscopic 3D!

Team Members: Annie Lapierre, Grant Moore, John Treusch, Natasha Zabchuk, Anas Kaadan