Project Year: 2010

Archon (3D Animated Short)

On a remote colony world, a terrible accident occurred. Abandoned by its colonists and stripped of life, all that remained were the robots that kept the colony running. Soon, the few remaining energy supplies ran dry. Imprisoned by a wasteland, surrounded by cannibalistic robots, two robotic 'goats' find themselves trapped in an endless cycle of decay. However, the goats discover a new energy source - an oasis in the middle of a robotic wasteland. But the oasis hides secrets, which may turn out to be the goats' key to salvation... or destruction. How far will the goats go to survive?

Team Members: Rubina Haddad, Ajay Kaushal, Chris Lee, Deepak Singh, Chris Taylor

A Fine Night for a Walk (Interactive, Multi-Path 3D Movie)

Luke is the neighbourhood dog walker looking to take Boopsie, Fredrick's wife's dog, for a walk late one evening. With Luke easily distracted along their routine walk, Boopsie suddenly darts off into the spooky, derelict house. You then take the movie into your own hands and try to help Luke find Boopsie. Will you make the right choice? Will Luke be able to find Boopsie and still make it out safely?

Team Members: James Ferris, Amanda Emmanuel, Tyler Copeland, Tegan Laing, Yuri Rykov

Battlegrounds (Multi-touch Interactive Game)

Battlegrounds is a multi-touch multiplayer war strategy game, where players command one of five major world armies in a battle for world domination. Based off popular board games like Risk and Axis and Allies, players must use their wits and fingers to move, attack and defend their territories in an alternate World War 2 reality - literally placing the fate of the world in their hands as they battle each other on a multi-touch table.

Team Members: Aldi Purnama, Amandeep Singh, Mark Gaucher, Steve Mulvihill

Toy Factory (3D RTS Video Game)

In Toy Factory, the player takes the role of a child in a toy room battling against friends by building an army of custom designed toys. These toys can be anything from hammer wielding vacuums to dart gun equipped airplanes – the only limit is your imagination!

Team Members: Allen Pestaluky, Lucas Stephenson, Monica Nuyens, Victor Khalaf

Dangerous Ambition (VFX Short Movie)

The plot of the film revolves around an independent female character, Kara, who tries to uncover the truth behind her Grandfather's murder. As she proceeds to seek help from close friends within her journey, she ends up revealing twists about the murder's nature. In a sequence of action events Kara begins searching for her Grandfather's revenge and reaching her ultimate goal.

Team Members: Nassma Al Bahrani, Adulla Al Ogail, Ahmad Akkaoui, Patrick Leung, Hesham Hammoud, Rose Seto

zFalcn (iPhone Game)

An American pilot is sent on a mission to investigate movement in enemy territory. While collecting information, he is spotted and chased. Enemy soldiers attempt to capture him, but he makes his escape by stealing an enemy aircraft. Now his mission is to avoid enemy capture while proceeding on his way back home through various foreign lands.

Team Members: Lisa Wilkinson, Tai Soo Chan, Ryan Johnson, Ryan Langlois