Project Year: 2012

Up & Above (Browser-based Game)

Up and Above is a browser-based, side-scrolling shooter. It's your ship against the world as you explore large environments riddled with enemies, solving puzzles and trying to find your way back to the skies. Developed entirely in JavaScript, this game harnesses the power of WebGL and Three.js renderers in the Effect Games Framework and with Box2D, it delivers full 3D graphics, dynamic lighting and realistic physics - all inside your web browser without any plugins or downloads.

Team Members: Wafa'a Ayish, Adam Bielinski, Tom Kenny, Sarah Marinoff, Shaughn Perrozzino, Nikolas Schultz


The year is 2050 and mankind is running low on fossil fuels. In an atTeampt to find a new form of fuel, governments pair up with major corporations to dig deeper then ever before. However, it is not fuel they find, but a hidden species of underground creatures who begin to rise to the surface and unleash their attack on planet earth. The project is a 10 minute monster invasion movie that implements CG animation and 2D special effects into live action film. This is done using HDR Lighting, match-moving, 3D and 2D software tools, and audio software.

Team Members: Henry Bui, Tyson Fogel, Mike Nemr, Tyler Pearce, Shane Rhoden, Andrew Robillard

Vitality (Thought-controlled 3D Game)

Have you ever dreamed of being able to manipulate your surroundings with your mind? Vitality is a first person adventure game that uses the latest in human-computer technology allowing players to control the gameplay with their thoughts. Players can navigate elemental worlds with mental commands and facial expressions; mastering skills in order to defeat enemies and reclaim lost memories.

Team Members: Laura Kenney, Meagan Leflar, Lacey Maw, Brittany Pinder, Tamara Solomon, Jaimie Thom

Arctic Divide (Immersive 3D Game)

Expanding on the immersive 360-degree "cave" display sysTeam, Arctic Divide adds custom physical peripherals to create a fast-paced, high-precision action game. You and a partner take control of a military vehicle with a mounted turret in a near-future war zone. Cooperate to drive through hazardous territory and shoot down enemies. Then compare your score with others at the fair! With responsive controls, a variety of dangerous encounters, surround sound, and optional anaglyph 3D, Arctic Divide is a truly unique experience.

Team Members: Chris Atallah, Chris Burt, Michele Forget, Josh Mark, Dave Mooney, Kevin Paquette

Reflection, SnowWhite Retold (Animated Film)

The HexaCore team has taken the traditional story of Snow White and has transformed it into a story that will leave its audience at the edge of their seats. Although the story revolves around the two well known characters, the Queen and Snow White, the added twist is that these two characters are actually one and the same. The animation will feature the struggle Snow White endures as a person suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder in which her other personality, the Queen, tries to kill her.

Team Members: Andrei Boiarskikh, Angela Edelman, Kirill Fraidine, May Mazor, Vanessa Staniforth, Lara Teriaky

The Lost Valley (Kinect-based 3D Game)

A 3D interactive multi-player game set up using two Kinects across a network. Players' pick one of five characters and can either go through the story mode of the game or challenge their friends to duel levels; all movement being controlled by the player's actions and body position. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world that has reverted back to medieval times, wherein your village is being attacked by a vicious hydra. To save your friends and family, you must perform various challenges and defeat enemies, with the hopes of meeting and finally destroying the hydra.

Team Members: Lindsay Coderre, Kyla Hidlago, Ayah Jardaneh, Nicole Quenneville, Jim Silvester, Yasmine Taha

Yumm (3D Game)

Yumm is a 2.5-D sidescrolling game for the PC. Created by a group of Carleton University students for their fourth year project, Yumm makes interesting uses of 3d graphics in the Unreal engine to create a visually spectacular experience. You play as a teenage boy, whose internet connection dies out, and you're forced to travel the world to get your connection back, all the while unraveling the diabolical plans of Yumm, the largest and most evil corporation on the planet.

Team Members: Aaron Armstrong, Josh Peck, Alex Polzin, Andrew Schmitt, Mathew Southin, Lorenzo Tarantino

Keep Dreaming (Interactive Movie)

An interactive movie where users control the plot through body movements detected by a kinect device.

Team Members: Munif Alkhani, Jawad Khan, Sunki Kim, Atheer Mohammad, Nathan Moyes, Salma Nassri

Carnival (3D Game)

Carnival is a multiplayer 3D dark fantasy combat game, where gladiators are pitted against each other in a fight to the death. The performance is everything - the rabble in the stands won't care for a swift kill. Using unlockable weapons, armour and skills, put on a show that will not soon be forgotten. Please the crowd, and your reputation will soar. Conquer your enemies and your purse will swell. Dominate the arena, and your name will live on forever.

Team Members: Shahad Alfakhry, Hana Ameerah, Marie Deslauriers, Irshad Karim, Lee Pakkala, Nick Zou