Project Year: 2013


An internationally renowned thief is contracted to acquire a rare artifact. Take control of Logan as he makes his way through a mysterious and dangerous underground research complex. What begins as a search for a target results in receiving unbelievable powers. Creating a path at will out of thin air, swinging over perilous chasms, avoiding traps and enemies, and solving challenging puzzles, Logan is searching for answers and a way out

Team Members: Matthew April, Cailey Malkin, Nicolas Najm, Yueh-Feng Wang, Adam Cunning


Two rival flagships orbit high above a planet while diplomats on the surface below attempt to negotiate terms of peace. When the diplomats are assassinated, war and confusion soon break out.
Follow an Ace interceptor pilot as she fights for her life as two factions bring down the full force of their space ship fleets on each other. Can she hope to come through and achieve victory? Or is mere survival beyond what she can hope for?

Team Members: Steven Duford, William Long, Edmund Reeler, Orisha Talbert, Jessica Wong

Diaries of a Deadman

‘Diaries of a Dead Man’ is a short visual effects horror film created by 6Pro Productions. The film is composed of several 2D and 3D visual effects that revolve around the idea of hallucinations. The story is about a writer, Bryce Turner, who loses his brother in a hiking accident and blames himself for it. He makes his way to his grandfather’s cabin to write a book, and there, the hallucinations begin.

Team Members: Sumaya Baitalmal, Hala El-Jaber, Samuel Gummeson, Jeffrey Hutchinson, Ashraf Khattab, Graeme Rombough

Project Echelon

Project Echelon is a multiplayer space arena game played using Android phones and tablets as inputs to control your ship on a large projected display. The goal of the game is to destroy the enemy team by using customized ships. Up to three custom ships can be created per player using parts from up to three different classes and three different races. Choosing different parts modifies the stats of your ship like health, damage and speed. Game modes include player versus player game types, and player versus environment game types.

Team Members: David Eramo, Simon Fan, Al Gangani, Colin Killby, Michael Mcauley


Flux is an interactive installation that connects with players through their mobile devices. These devices become controllers that bend and warp a grid to move objects around four sides of a cube. Simple, geometric graphics and an original soundtrack welcome players into a rich and engaging world of collaborative and spontaneous gameplay.

Team Members: Russell Baylis, Stacie Ha, Jahfer Husain, Matthew Scriven, Kyle Thomson, Paul Young


Ostrov is an immersive action adventure game that focuses on refined storytelling and visual quality.You play as Alisa, a young woman, who lives in a hostile world plagued by monsters. Every day, you wake up in fear. How long will the calm last before the beasts attack again? What is their purpose? Why must countless lives be taken?
You're right to be afraid. One day, as you come back from a routine hunting trip, your village is on fire and your brother has been taken.
This is where your story begins.

Team Members: Rufino Ansara, Ahren Koch, Alison Ruffo, Anthony Micallef, Christoph Schoch

End Game

A young man, Jack, and his friend, Alex, are introduced to a revolutionary, virtual-reality, fighting style video game. When playing, the game world is superimposed over the real world, and players attain special abilities. Jack becomes obsessed with the game, and is enraged when Alex tries to remove the game from him. The line between virtual and reality is challenged when the game proves to be fatal to anyone who loses.

Team Members: Wilson Huynh, Temitope Olorunlona, Kevin Seto, Ryan Way


After a deadly battle in space left his ship damaged beyond repair, Tommy is trapped on a desolate planet and must battle his way through harsh terrain and unrelenting danger to find refuge. With no weapons, no backup and enemies lurking in every shadow, our hero must rely on his instincts to keep him alive.
Insurmountable danger, imminent peril....this is Reckless.

Team Members: Andrew Zhai, Ashley Tam, Vicky Sun, Feier Sun, Conor Schock

Gunther's Dream Mill

Günther’s Dream Mill is a 2.5D puzzle platformer for Windows. Every level presents a new challenge and a labyrinth of blocks. You must help a young boy, Günther, navigate through each dreamland.

Seek refuge on stationary blocks and watch out for spikes as you make your way to the exit door. Rotate the world, dodge exploding blocks and push loose blocks strategically to solve the various puzzles. Once you’ve escaped from all the dreams, give the Level Editor a try and create your own levels to explore.

Team Members: Yulia Teryaeva, Shannon Fenton, Jesse Gerroir, Michelle Labonte, Jordon Good