Project Year: 2014

Babyproof (Animated Short)

After winning the lottery, The Wellington's take a trip to collect their prize. They leave their baby, Rosie, with a babysitter. Enter amateurs Blaine and Victor, who want a piece of the money. They decide to kidnap Rosie for ransom and thus hatch out a foolproof plan, but is this plan BabyProof?

Team Members: Farah Abu-Jbarah, Christine Innes, Anyi Ndongko, Nancy Nguyen, Asma'u Yakubu

IceOlation (Interactive Story)

On an isolated glacier there exists a community of penguins where they have made their home. Amongst them is Reggie, a loveable, clumsy penguin who is in search for a mate. Alone, watching the many coupling of penguins, he finally sees the one! Maggie, a quiet bookworm, is walking by completed immersed in her book. In this interactive animation, how Reggie goes about wooing her depends on you!

Team Members: Sabrina Charron, Stephanie Moulton, Aimee Neldon, Grace Wong

Colony 12 (Immersive Animation)

Colony 12 is an interactive machinima that uses the Oculus Rift to provide an immersive stereoscopic experience integrating implicit user input. You experience the story from the viewpoint of Commander Jenson, a soldier stranded in enemy territory on an alien world. Upon being discovered by a fellow comrade, your focus shifts towards being rescued from the planet.

Team Members: Karmela Arocena, Yeremia Djaja, Elaine Hung, Colin Smith, Natalie Snell

O.R.B.S. (3D Game)

O.R.B.S. is a competitive multiplayer downhill racing game set in the year 2069 where global urbanization has taken place. Seeking alternative forms of sports and entertainment, O.R.B.S. set out to deliver the ultimate betting syndicate in the world. Compete in 6 exciting tracks and use powerups, rig enhancements (perks) to turn the tide of the race in your favour.

Team Members: Nathan Dubord, Andrew Mukama Rugamba, Quang Nguyen, Paden Shorey, Sunmock Yang

Hyperion (3D Game)

Aboard the abandoned space cruise liner The Hyperion, you awake and find yourself lost in darkness. Compelled to discover the Hyperion's secrets, you will solve puzzles and be forced to face your deepest fears.

Team Members: Andrew Brough, Eva Demers-Brett, Curtis Field, Kat-Phuong Nguyen, Hannes Steyn

Scrambled (Mobile Game)

Race with your friends in this fast-paced party game where your teammates' lives are in your hands! Scrambled is a side-scrolling platform game that emphasizes teamwork by presenting a platforming course that cannot be completed without the help of your teammates.

Team Members: Judy Chang, Matthew Dease, Tess Gallagher, Christopher Ly, Desiree Melcer, Kevin Schaeken

A Surprise Symphony (Animated Short)

A Surprise symphony is an animated short film set in a miniature village inhabited by imaginary woodland creatures. The story is driven by a child that ventures beyond the boundaries of his home, only to make a fascinating discovery...

Team Members: Jaclyn Fraser, Erin Goddard, Yui-Yi Kwan, Heather Tryon, George Okoronkwo