Project Year: 2015

Another End

Another End is a procedurally generated, story driven adventure game made for the web browser using Oculus Rift VR and Leap Motion or traditional input and screen.

Team Members: Ryan Bottriell, Marco Brito, Bethany Dunfield, Matthew Fournier, Zara Tooth


Goliath is a multiplayer game that uses Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra controllers to immerse a player in the cockpit of a mech, and have four other players team up in opposition.

Team Members: Angelbert Abundo, Bushra Al-Mazloum, Nathan Chan, Christian Ferreira, Sana Khan, Dylan Wallace


Synthetica is an immersive survival horror game using Oculus Rift, Leap Motion and WiiMote, in which you, the player, awake suddenly in a derelict facility with no idea of how you got there.

Team Members: Mike Ekker, Hannah Kazda, Clark McGillis, Cameron Micomonaco, Sam Rochon


ErlKing is a 3D animated short based on a German folktale, taking advantage of stereoscopic 3D, surround sound, and custom shaders.

Team Members: Olga Cherkasskaya, Colin Grey, Michael Hardie, James Martin, Kathleen Tran, Andrew Wardell

The Stranger

The Stranger is a first-person adventure game that encourages exploration and discovery on a small island populated with interesting characters and possessing a rich history waiting to be uncovered.

Team Members: Jake Cataford, Liam Davidson, Alex Eady, Matthew Hegmann, Alex Winch


Discorder is a two player racing/platforming game with an emphasis on the idea of competitive cooperation.

Team Members: Maryam Alam, Justin Loranger, Marvelyn Milan, Andrew Richardson, Tyler Tremblay

Pulse Fighters

Pulse Fighters is a fast paced arcade brawler that reacts to you as you play. Using pulse sensors, the game tracks how excited you are and will throw crazy events at you if you don’t seem challenged.

Team Members: Ben Carson, Jesse Leitch, Alex McAvoy, Brendan Paty, Matthew Pietrantionio, Brecon White

World Jumpers

In a futuristic city there exists an organization of heroes, the Agents of Order, who have tasked themselves with protecting the universe. They use portal technology to jump from world to world, protecting the people from chaos. A young hero-in-training named Skyler must track down and stop traitors before they can disrupt the balance of the worlds.

Team Members: Jessica Fox, Rebecca Riesberry, Ubong-Abasi Akobundu, Paolo Nario, Sally Salah, Haya Al-Hafez


The Transcendental is a short 3D animated story based on a modified version of Ray Bradybury’s short story, The Veldt

Team Members: Sara Haerian, Iman Hajihassani, Laura Le, Pouria Shamaei, Indrit Zabzuni


BioPhilia: An Interactive Experience integrates physical movements and gestures in conjunction with the Myo Gesture Control Armband.

Team Members: Lucas Gerroir, Jordan Goddard, Thomas Le, Alex Tarapacky, Brandon Telford